Tier 1 investor visa


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Guardian Stockbrokers is a privately owned, independent firm of stockbrokers based in The City of London.

A boutique firm of highly skilled and experienced private client stockbrokers specialising in the UK equity and bond markets.


We believe it is important to maintain traditional values in business and consider trust to be at the centre of these values. We also believe that modern technology offers us efficiency and savings which should be passed onto clients. It is this blend of values and technology which allows us to offer a personal service at a competitive price.

We have become the trusted solution provider for Tier 1 Investor Visa immigration by providing a solution which is fast, simple and transparent.

Guardian Stockbrokers is authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority.


Guardian offers solutions for Tier 1 Investor Visa investors.


We have designed our services to satisfy fully the requirements of the UK Home Office for this Tier 1 Investor visa programme. Working closely with clients, investment decisions are made in order to maximise portfolio returns and deliver strategies that are aligned with their investment goals. Our solutions are created by asset class specialists in both bonds and equities.


Advantages of Guardian Tier 1 Investor Visa solutions:

1. Selection, execution and custody of investments with a low level of risk, according to the client’s individual profiling

2. Compliance with Tier 1 Investor Visa requirements updated asset allocation to ensure the most recent visa requirements set by the UK Home Office are met at all times

3. Transparency access to client reports, balances and transactions on an ad-hoc basis

4. Reports on a quarterly basis generation of all relevant investment account statements and documentation required for accounting purposes by the UK Home Office

5. Periodic asset allocation reviews maintaining the balance between your risk tolerance and profile and any changes in asset allocation for UK Home office requirements.

Tier 1 investor visa


We give you the control over the level of involvement you wish to have in your investment process for your tier 1 investor visa.  We offer three different service levels.


Tier 1 investor visa


We provide you with expert lawyers that have a wealth of experience in completing tier 1 investor visa applications.


Tier 1 investor visa


To ensure you protect your capital, this is the best place to start.

Tax is normally the forgotten part of the tier 1 investor visa process, your residence for tax is completely separate from immigration and nationality issues.

Investments carry various degrees of risk that may depend on the amount invested, its duration and most importantly the rate of return. Safer investments provide a greater assurance that you can keep what was originally invested, though the rate of return may be lower. Higher risk investments may offer a higher rate of return; however, the risk that you may lose money on the investment increases.

Guardian Stockbrokers Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 492519).

Registered office: 14 City Road, London EC1Y 2AA. Registered in England and Wales. Company No. 06756375. 


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