Tier 1 investor visa


We provide you with expert immigration lawyers that have a wealth of experience in completing Tier 1 investor visas applications for investors. 

You will have seen from the information in the application and investment section, there are very detailed and complex set of requirements set out by the Home Office. These Home Office requirements are also subject to changes.


Your lawyer will guide you through the application process and provide you with all the necessary tailored advice to ensure your application is in the strongest position to be accepted.


Whether your case is straightforward or complex you will start with a initial meeting to outline the different stages of the process and requirements you will be required to achieve.  You will also be informed of the range of due diligence you will need to provide.

Your lawyer will be there to guide you through your application, your extension and your settlement. 

Tier 1 investor visa


We give you the control over the level of involvement you wish to have in your investment process for your tier 1 investor visa.  We offer three different service levels.


Tier 1 investor visa


We provide you with expert lawyers that have a wealth of experience in completing tier 1 investor visa applications.


Tier 1 investor visa


To ensure you protect your capital, this is the best place to start.

Tax is normally the forgotten part of the tier 1 investor visa process, your residence for tax is completely separate from immigration and nationality issues.

Investments carry various degrees of risk that may depend on the amount invested, its duration and most importantly the rate of return. Safer investments provide a greater assurance that you can keep what was originally invested, though the rate of return may be lower. Higher risk investments may offer a higher rate of return; however, the risk that you may lose money on the investment increases.

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